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Mikrotik Training Videos

Intro to Networking

This is a CCNA style class that is vendor independant…ish.
The video is about an hour and 45 minutes. This includes slides.
Class video is HERE.

Mikrotik Basics

This is a 45 minute video that will walk you through configuring a Mikrotik for a standard network. It also covers some of the basic functions and tools. This includes slides.
Class video is HERE.

Mikrotik Security

This video covers security best practices and firewalling for the Mikrotik OS. This video is about 50 minutes long and includes slides.
Class video is HERE.

Mikrotik VPN

This is a 75 minute video that will walk you through configuring a Mikrotik for most VPN scenarios.
This class covers:

  • PPTP Client connections
  • L2TP Client connections
  • IPSec – Mikrotik to Mikrotik
  • IPSec – Mikrotik to Mikrotik – Multiple Subnets
  • IPSec – Mikrotik to Mikrotik – Private IP on WAN Interface
  • IPSec – Mikrotik to Cisco Router
  • IPSec – Mikrotik to Cisco ASA
  • IPSec – Mikrotik to Cisco Router Multiple Subnets
  • IPIP Tunnel w/IPSec – Mikrotik to Mikrotik
  • IPIP Tunnel w/IPSec – Mikrotik to Cisco Router
  • DPD
  • Some basic troubleshooting
  • This includes slides.
    Class video is HERE.

    Mikrotik Routing

    This is a 130 minute video that will walk you through configuring routing, dynamic and static on your Mikrotik. This includes slides.
    This video covers:

  • The concept of routing
  • Static routing
  • Concept of RIP
  • OSPF and its implementation
  • BGP and some of its options
  • Class video is HERE.

    Reset your Mirkotik to factory default

    – reset password – here.

    Update your Mikrotik OS


    Add a MAC exclusion on your Hotspot server


    Configuring an IPSec LAN to LAN Tunnel


    Configure OpenVPN in Mikrotik for Remote Offices

    OpenVPN configuration here


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    1. dfdsf / Dec 10 2009


    2. Greg / Dec 10 2009

      dfdsf :

      Tanks for leaving a comment!

    3. vzouh / Dec 17 2009

      thanks for ur kindness…it’s very usefull tut’s ^^

    4. Greg / Dec 18 2009



    5. Omar / Dec 19 2009

      Thanks a lot Greg!

    6. Brad / Jan 2 2010

      Thanks… I’m new to Mikrotik and networking. I watched the Intro to Networking and Mikrotik Basics — both were excellent. I found the Mikrotik Basics very informative as it taught me “why” several of the Winbox selections are configured. It would be nice to see more videos πŸ™‚
      Thanks again… MUCH appreciated…

    7. Greg / Jan 2 2010

      You guys are the reason I do it!
      Thanks for leaving a comment. πŸ™‚

    8. Tim / Jan 6 2010

      Thanks again Greg !!
      Now I need to learn about OSPF and Multicast routing to tie several Tik boxes together. πŸ™‚

    9. Greg / Jan 6 2010

      NP Tim. That sounds like you put in a vote for the next class to be over dynamic routing…which sounds like a pretty good idea to me. πŸ™‚

    10. Reko / Jan 8 2010

      Thanks a lot, very usefull tutorials

    11. Mohamed Hany / Jan 14 2010

      Well, i have to admit that this video series is indeed very helpful and handy, Thanks alot Greg. and well done!

      I got a suggestion too if i may, try to represent what you gonna teach in points at the beginning of the video, that will help eliminate the “randomness” feeling watching the videos.
      For the next video, i vote for Hotspot solution and/or Qos (queues)!

      Thanks again πŸ™‚

    12. Greg / Jan 15 2010


      Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind for the next.

    13. Stan Anderton / Feb 2 2010

      Keep up the good work, Greg! It keeps getting better. I always enjoy visiting your site. I wish I had more time to keep up on all of your content. I’ll be in touch soon.

    14. Greg / Feb 2 2010


      Thank you sir…heh. I look forward to hearing from you again soon.

    15. Robert / Feb 18 2010

      Warm Regards,


    16. Tim Payne / Mar 13 2010

      Greg :
      NP Tim. That sounds like you put in a vote for the next class to be over dynamic routing…which sounds like a pretty good idea to me.

      Any news on the dynamic routing topic?


    17. Greg / Mar 15 2010

      Just released it πŸ˜‰

    18. Michael / Mar 16 2010

      Thank YOu Very..much..God Bless you!!!

    19. Greg / Mar 16 2010

      Ha Michael, no problem πŸ˜‰

    20. Martin Berard / Apr 9 2010

      Thank you so much! Nice work. Would love a nice video tutorial on VRRP.

    21. Greg / Apr 9 2010

      Thanks Martin. I’ll add that to the list. πŸ™‚

    22. Dave / Apr 14 2010


      Thanks for taking the time to put these tutorials together.

      I have an ipsec tunnel between a PIX and MT working fine. I need to be able to run a DHCP Relay to a dhcp server sitting behind the PIX. I can ping the DHCP server from the MT and a static IP on the interesting subnet. It looks like the MT is using the source IP of the WAN interface when sending the relay, so it does not get handled as interesting traffic. Instead it seems to use the default route, which is the internet.

      Was wondering if you had any thoughts as how to influence the DHCP relay source IP..


    23. David Ryan / Apr 23 2010

      Tremendous work Greg!

      Invaluable info.

    24. Greg / Apr 23 2010


      Since a relay should convert your broadcast packet into a directed packet, perhaps you can enter a nat statement to cover the traffic. If it appears to be sourced from the tunnel, perhaps that will do the trick.

      Alternately, you can set an additional policy that would allow the wan IP of the MTK to traverse the tunnel when destined to the DHCP server.

      See if any of that works for you. I would try the policy one first. Be sure to use “unique” if you have multiple policies to the same destination and to update the acl on the pix.

    25. aura cabarcas / May 3 2010

      thanks a lot from Colombia. your videos are great and hope you are okay. nice mood. πŸ™‚

    26. Jack / May 21 2010

      God bless you indeed !! πŸ™‚
      Great job !

      Suggestion for the next video :
      hotspot config with dhcp, trafic shaping, user management, p2p block, … πŸ™‚

    27. Greg / May 21 2010


      You want your cake and eat it too? hehehe

    28. Ndubueze / May 27 2010

      Great job Greg.

      I am new to Mikrotik and actually got very confused with some topics but after going through the resources on your web site, it is all clear now. Can you please do something on bandwidth management, caching and hotspots.

      Kind regards,

    29. Greg / May 27 2010

      Glad they helped.

      Those are all on the list πŸ˜‰

    30. Mike / May 30 2010

      I watched 3 of the videos above and they were all excellent and gave me a good understanding of MikroTik basics. However, I started a new WISP and didn’t have the time to gain a deeper understanding so I hired Greg as a consultant. He configured my two MT493s remotely including all the networks, DHCP pools, routing and security in a very short time and did it for a very reasonable price. I’m planning to use his expertise more in the future as we grow. Thanks Greg!

      AirLink Internet Services

    31. Greg / Jun 1 2010

      Thanks Mike! πŸ™‚

    32. ila / Jun 18 2010

      Excellent travail merci

    33. Tj / Jun 20 2010

      Hi Greg,

      Nice tutorials here. Anyway, we’re looking to build MPLS network based on all Mikrotik & Linux hardwares, radios, etc. Have you tried MPLS on Mikrotik?


    34. Greg / Jun 21 2010


      I’ve done a little with the MTK MPLS, though not in a fashion most people are familiar with. I didn’t have it traverse one MTK to another.

    35. Peter / Nov 16 2010

      Thank you for your effort.

      I have actualy done connection β€’IPSec – Mikrotik to Mikrotik
      and it worked just as you described.

      I will do more today.

      God bless you,

    36. Greg / Nov 16 2010


    37. mikrotik-id / Dec 2 2010

      Nice tutorial, this very useful for us

    38. Richard / Dec 2 2010

      Thanks for the tutorials! I’ve watched all 5 and they are great. Are you still planning one on QoS? (You mentionned that in the security one.)

    39. Greg / Dec 3 2010


      I’ve since run thin on time, though if I do another video it will most likely be a QoS one. Perhaps during the holidays something will happen…though I wouldn’t hold my breath πŸ˜‰

    40. Ignacio / Jan 2 2011

      GRACIAS Greg desde Venezuela..


      Thank a lot Greg from Venezuela..

    41. Greg / Jan 3 2011


      I’m always pleased to help =)

    42. Denis / Feb 5 2011

      Thankssssssssssssssssss a lot Greg.
      You Rule!

    43. Greg / Feb 5 2011


    44. Alex / Feb 15 2011

      This is fantastic, i’m just starting to learn Mikrotik and your tutorials are very helpful understanding it.
      Thank you!
      Greets from Serbia πŸ™‚

    45. Ali / Mar 4 2011


      Thank you for your kindness and the time you put into teaching what you know to others. This is the best humans can be!

      Love and respect for you.

    46. Denis Metko / Mar 6 2011

      You you’re awsome! I thank you a lot. You saved me a lot of time (reading tutorials). Watching them is better :):)

    47. Pat / Apr 6 2011

      Good job, this is great stuff !!!

    48. Vladimir / Apr 7 2011

      Thank you for videos Greg, as someone new in Mikrotik and networking, you made my start easyer.Your help was big … and you knowledge and way of presenting it are great.

      Greets from Vladimir

    49. Michael / Apr 14 2011

      Thanks Greg!!

      I’m currently getting my feet wet and your videos / presentations are letting me wade into deeper water! Would love to do a in person training. Any plans for classes in the Kansas City area?



    50. Greg / Apr 14 2011


      I don’t see myself in the Kansas City area any time soon…unless you wanted to organize a private training. This can be done via my training website,

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