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Mar 1 / Greg

Mikrotik Tutorial – Reset to Factory Default

If you forget your password, there is no recovery procedure for Mirkotiks. You have to go back to factory default! To do this you need to connect your serial cable straight to the Mikrotik and follow the procedures in the below video tutorial.

Click the link below for the VIDEO!


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  1. ali / Feb 14 2012

    thank u very very much

  2. Thomas / Sep 21 2016

    So what if you have no serial cable and you’ve tried pushing down the reset button on your RB450G upon powering up as you’re supposed to and it still doesn’t reset? 🙁 I’m screwed?

  3. Greg / Sep 21 2016

    @Thomas, have a look at netinstall

  4. Thomas / Sep 22 2016

    You’re the man Greg!! I work for a successful WISP in Northern Minnesota. Our head guy has me watching your videos during my spare time to better myself and they really are helpful. Keep em’ coming! Thanks!

  5. Greg / Sep 22 2016

    @Thomas, thanks for the feedback(I get almost none these days!) I’m always glad to help 🙂

  6. Thomas / Sep 22 2016

    Currently watching the Mikrotik basics again and working my way down your Mikrotik video list. My hope is to “route it like it’s hot” at home and in the work place (best saying ever). You’re awesome! Any new videos coming?

  7. Greg / Sep 22 2016

    @Thomas, unfortunately I don’t have time to create videos at this point. I’ve had millions of views, and millions of minutes watched, but I just can’t afford at this point to create content for free…which is saddening. *sigh*

  8. Thomas / Sep 22 2016

    If I win the lottery or strike it big somewhere down the road because of the skill set you provided me, I will remember you. It’s kinda sad Mikrotik can’t send you some kind of endorsement check for providing such thorough how-to videos. You have the best mikrotik videos on YouTube. (7/8 of the Mikrotik content don’t even have audio). But I don’t blame you. As in depth and lengthy as you get, I wouldn’t do it for free either.

  9. Greg / Sep 22 2016

    @Thomas, I would if I could, but doing the videos doesn’t feed my kids 🙂

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