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Dec 7 / Greg

Class Video – Mikrotik Security

This class video includes some best practices along with firewalling. This class is about 50 minutes long and you will be a genius and beloved by all by the end.

Slides can be found here: Mikrotik Security (21588 downloads)

*****Here’s a Border Router Firewall Script that is a great start.*****

As always, questions and comments are very welcome! Thanks for viewing.


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  1. Robert / Feb 18 2010

    very very nice

  2. Eric / Mar 18 2010

    Great Video!

    For some reason it kicked me off after 47:30 or so, but I saw that it covered everything except resources in the slides.

    I didn’t know about Bridging Firewall so this was very helpful.

  3. Greg / Mar 18 2010

    Glad it was another good’un. Sorry about kicking you off, it was probably myself or my compadre playing with the server. We’ve been tweaking lately.

  4. Eugenio / Oct 9 2010

    Great presentation! very clear!

  5. Canada Cory / Jan 25 2011

    Hey Greg,

    This is like my 3rd time watching this tutorial…never gets old either!!
    I learn something new everytime…just like watching the Matrix for the 10th time.
    Keep up the great work dude.


  6. Andry Setiawan / Nov 13 2012

    Great Tutorial!

    Thanks Greg 🙂

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