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Jan 23 / Greg

Mikrotik SMB (Windows Share) Support

As of ROS V 5.12 SMB support was added to Mikrotik.

By default you now have a /pub folder in your file list. In the SMB settings there is now a default share of /pub.

[admin@MikroTik] /ip smb> print
       enabled: no
        domain: MSHOME
       comment: MikrotikSMB
  allow-guests: yes
    interfaces: all
[admin@MikroTik] /ip smb> 
.. -- go up to ip
edit -- 
export -- Print or save an export script that can be used to restore configuration
get -- Gets value of item's property
print -- Print values of item properties
set -- Change item properties
shares -- 
users --

As you can see by default the service is disabled, guests are allowed to connect, and all interfaces have sharing access.

/IP SMB - Default settings enabled.

Users - Adding new users and or disabling the guest user.

Share - This allows you to share specific folders. You can see how it corresponds in the file listing.

Connect via windows 😉

Well well well, lookie there =)

SMB Firewall Rules:
SMB uses a combination of TCP and UPD ports. Here are a few firewall rules that will protect access:

/ip firewall filter
# Allow winbox in for sure ;)
add action=accept chain=input disabled=no dst-port=8291 protocol=tcp
# Allow established and related into your router
add action=accept chain=input connection-state=established disabled=no
add action=accept chain=input connection-state=related disabled=no
# Here are the TCP/UDP ports necessary for SMB.  Using address-list smb-allow to grant access.
add action=accept chain=input disabled=no dst-port=137-138 protocol=udp \
add action=accept chain=input disabled=no dst-port=137,139 protocol=tcp \
# Block everything else.
add action=drop chain=input disabled=no
# The address list for access to the SMB.
/ip firewall address-list
add address= disabled=no list=smb-allow

Now, map your USB hard drive or USB thumb drive. This could be used as a great little file share system. Perhaps I’ll test throughput via an X86 with an extra HD installed. See if I can stream video :). I think this could also be used as an alternate method to backup your configs/update hotspot files. What do you guys think?


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  1. sam / Jan 25 2012

    Got some benchmarks for us Greg? Are we talking a complete FullHD video storage here, or are we talking boring config backups?

  2. Greg / Jan 25 2012

    So far I’ve tested with a 751U which has a 400MHz proc.
    While transferring to the router the CPU goes to 100% and takes around 2 minutes to transfer 170MB.
    While trying to stream the video the CPU goes to 100% again and video stops after about 5 seconds. I’m going to test on an x86 box just to see what it will do.

    I’m assuming a larger CPU is what limits the streaming capabilities.

  3. Jose Petrucci / May 9 2012

    UBNT firmware upgrade in a remote place !!

  4. Wyzak / May 16 2013

    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for a very helpful article. I almost managed to get it working following your guide, but your guide is shorting one port which also needs to be forwarded. TCP 445 (

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