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Feb 20 / Greg

My Thumb Drive 3

More tools.

HFS(HTTP FIle Server)– A quick program that hosts files via http.  Even if most common ports are blocked, you can almost always hit port 80.  So just fire this guy up, add a folder or individual files and boom.  It has soooo many options beyond just that, but that’s all I ever use it for.  I use it most often when dealing with unity express.  To transfer most files you have to use http, and this does the job perfectly.

Filemon– Another Sysinternals special.  Monitor what files are in use by which applications.

Omziff – This is a file encryption tool, file splitter, file shredder and hash generator.

Depends.exe – M$ dependency walker.  You can specify a DLL and it will tell you all other DLLs that it references.  It also gives you insight into these files.

Autologon– Sysinternals prog that sets one of the windows accounts to autologon on boot.

WinXP Virtual CD – This is a little prog that was released by M$.  It allows you to mount an ISO as a virtual cd-rom.

Tftpd32 – This is one of my favorite apps.  This is a great tftp server, dhcp server, tftp client, syslog server and sntp server.  I’ve used this little app countless times!  This is a must have for every USB drive.

Text Crawler – This is another great prog.  Whenever you have a pile of files and you are looking for specific words, this is invaluable.  You can match using standard find strings or regex expressions.  I’ve used it to crawl database exports.  I’ve used it to crawl countless opensource packages.  It also has a regex tester, which is really convenient.

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