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Feb 8 / Greg

My Thumb Drive

I’m going to post my common and not so common tools I have on my thumb drive.  Some I use infrequently, and some I use daily.  I’m going to post a few at a time.

UltraVNC – My VNC of choice.  It has good compression options as well as a quick toolbar at the top that allows you to lock input, blank screen, transfer files and chat.

Winscp – Securely copy files to and from your Linux machines.  I doubt there is anyone who hasn’t/doesn’t use this.

usrmgr.exe – The NT4 domain user manager interface.  This is pre MMC.  You never know when this will come in handy.  If you run a samba PDC, you can edit accounts using this.

Thunderbird portable– portable version of tbird email program.  The link actually goes to    Portable apps has most of your favorite opensource apps in a format that doesn’t require you to install anything.

Tdimon/tcpview/tcpvcon– Many of you may remember sysinternals.  They were bought by M$, but their free utilities can still be had.  These allow you to monitor incoming and outgoing tcp connections.  Good for trouble shooting some applications.

Regmon – Another sysinternals.  This one monitors reads and writes to the registry.  See where exactly your application checks the reg at startup.


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  1. Jacob Bertling / Feb 9 2009

    Your thumb drive must have a swiss army emblem on it.

  2. Greg / Feb 9 2009

    You mean like this. hehe. Nope, it does have a MacGyver mullet on it, though.

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