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Oct 23 / Greg

New Plans for Classes

Finding time to teach classes is so difficult. I think what I’m going to do is just record class presentations when I get a chance, then edit the video and put it up on the site. I recorded my intro to networking class, and I plan to put that up. Would this be a preferable format? I would be able to segment these guys up into probably 45 minute to 1 hour long chunks. I know I like the class interaction, but this seems the only way I’ll ever get this stuff out…heh.

Next class/video will be either:

  1. Firewall/security
  2. IPSec/VPN
  3. QoS
  4. A basic config with various options

What do you guys want to see first?


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  1. Cory / Oct 27 2009

    Hey Greg,

    My prefs would be Firewall/Security/QoS and then how to format a hard drive! 😛



  2. Greg / Oct 27 2009

    Noted. Thanks Heavy-C.

  3. David / Jun 17 2010

    Hi Greg

    Wow what an awsome site… I have just bought a RB1100 and have never done any work with routers before. I went through your Mikrotik intro and setup the router…wow I was blowen away …awsome work here. I would love to see some more stuff on Firewall/Security/QoS as well as we are running VOIP here and are about to launch a WISP so getting some training on this would be awsome now that I have a nice toy to play with.

    Kind Regards


  4. Greg / Jun 17 2010


    Thanks, I’ll add it to the list sir. 🙂

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