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Jan 17 / Greg

The Brothers WISP 128 – Velocloud SD-WAN And Keeping A Subversive Web Service Online

This week we have Greg, Mike, and Nick A. really using those wrinkles in our brains.

Cambium ePMP Bundle

This week we talk about:
RB3011 port flapping back with 6.48, so watch out.
Mikrotik added IPv6 DHCP option for hotspots
Ubiquiti security breach
VMWare SD-WAN (velocloud) impressions
The Power Of Glove – Greg was in a documentary LOL
What could Parler do to pivot from being blocked my major cloud providers?
How The Pirate Bay operates in the cloud successfully
Death to 2020 netflix special…amazing
CI/CD with VMWare and ansible

Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)