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May 23 / Greg

The Brothers WISP 136 – Network Compliance, Labs, 100Gb Mikrotik

This week we have Greg and Nick A. catching up after skipping an episode…did anyone notice?


This week we talk about:
Network compliance detection/alerting via Ansible
Wispamerica update from anyone that went?
Arista vEOS lab eddition free if you just create a guest account!
Mikrotik home app
MLAG on Mikrotik V7
Router OS 7.1beta6 has included a new model number(supposing it isn’t a joke) crs520-4xs-16xq – 4x 25gbit + 16x 100gbit
John Oz says that HE rebuilds their filters once a day, so you better hope you are advertising at that time LOL
Wonder how hard that would be to do via automation…hmmmm

Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)