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Jul 31 / thebrotherswisp

The Brothers WISP – GPON vs Active Ethernet

This special cast has Greg, Tommy C, Ole, Brett, and Brad chat about the basics of GPON and how it compares to Active Ethernet. This is all about delivering fiber to the customer and there is a LOT of information in here. It is a longer episode, but we don’t finish everything, so let us know what we missed for the follow up episode.


This week we talk about:
Define GPON
Define Active Ethernet
How does GPON work-splitters/oversubscription/ONT/OLT
How strong is vendor lock-in on GPON
Vendor cost vs support game
Who can you call for help
What is XGSPON
What is FEC
Cabinet types
Cabinet locations
GPON vs XGSPON speeds
GPON in the MDU vs copper cabling
ONT with wifi vs ONT with standard router
Distance from OLT to customers
Distance between customers
How TDMA works in GPON
Locate kits
Pigtails vs mechanical connections
Live fiber monitoring
APC vs UPC connections

Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)

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