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Jun 19 / thebrotherswisp

The Brothers WISP 138 – Active vs PON, Terragraph Teaser, Batfish

This week we have Greg, Chad Wachs, and new face Colin Zapalac talking about talking.


This week we talk about:
Active vs PON deployment – why am I seeing so much active fiber being deployed? What am I missing?
Brownfield deployment options when you don’t have aerial ability
It’s getting HOT. Anyone protecting gear from heat? Routers hitting 220F internal temps
Colin: DDB enclosures with Pentair AC, mini-splits in MDF’s
Preview Siklu Terragraph test?
Peltier cooling
MTK newsletter 100
Colin’s automated edgeswitch update script
Mikrotik Knots tracking

Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)

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