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Apr 12 / Greg

Ansible Tower/Ansible Control Survey To Template Demo

I recently had a customer ask about how you could present a user with a form they fill out, then that info would be used to complete a template for say a webserver; the simple answer is to use the survey feature in Tower(also sometimes called control in the Ansible Automation Platform).

Demo Video


First, my playbook and template can be found here.

The template file is pretty straight forward:

There’s three variables serv_name, option1, and option2 that will be replaced at runtime with the results of the survey.

The playbook is equally simple:

There is really only a single task that really does anything and it is the template task. It calls the survey-template.conf.j2 file, does variable replacement, and then sticks it in the file_loc path.
The remaining two tasks read the file into a variable, then display it. In a real scenario the template file would push the configuration to a server, then perform a restart of the service in question.


From the templates section I create a new job template with info to my inventory, credentials, project, and playbook:

Next I click the “add survey” button:

Last I create three entries, each corresponding to a different variable. The survey info is passed at runtime as extra variables.

Now the template can be launched and the info filled out:

I can now see the output of the run in all its glory:


I hope you can see how info can be gathered via a survey and easily injected into your playbooks to perform any kind of automation you can dream up.

Thanks and happy surveying.

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