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Sep 11 / Greg

Install Cisco Virtual Wireless LAN Controller On Proxmox

This is quick and dirty instructions for myself in the future…sorry if they are short.

First, locate the vWLC image you’d like to use. I chose MFG_CTVM_8_9_111_0.iso.

Create a new VM in your virtualization platform of choice. Here I used proxmox.
I created it with 2GB of RAM, two CPUs, 32GB of storage, and it must have two NICs given to the machine.

When prompted to cancel auto-install, type yes. This will give you a step by step wizard that allows you to get it off the ground. Important bits are the IP address you plan to give it on the management interface.

Once this has completed, you can enter the following to enable the web GUI interface “config network webmode enable“.

And awaaaaay you go.

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