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Jun 19 / Greg

Install CHR On Proxmox

The first time I went about installing a Mikrotik CHR on a Proxmox server I ran into a lot of problems. I’ve distilled the steps down to something as simple as possible, all based on this wiki post.

1. Go to the mikrotik download page and grab the raw image of whichever version of CHR you prefer.
2. Extract the img file and transfer it into your proxmox /root folder.
3. On proxmox issue the following “qm list”. Pick the next sequential number that isn’t already taken.
4. Create the directory for this VM: “mkdir /var/lib/vz/images/150”
5. Create the qcow2 image. Adjust the image name “/root/chr-6.44.3.img” to whatever you downloaded and adjust the VM number from 150 to whatever you choose “/var/lib/vz/images/150/vm-150-disk-1.qcow2”

qemu-img convert \
-f raw \
-O qcow2 \
/root/chr-6.44.3.img \

6. Create the VM inside of proxmox. Be sure to change the VM number “150” in all lines to yours and also adjust the name to whatever you prefer:
qm create 150 \
–name chr-cust1 \
–net0 virtio,bridge=vmbr0 \
–bootdisk virtio0 \
–ostype l26 \
–memory 256 \
–onboot no \
–sockets 1 \
–cores 1 \
–virtio0 local:150/vm-150-disk-1.qcow2

After this you can refresh your console and make and adjustments you like.

That should get you up and working quickly. Good luck and happy routing.

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