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Sep 17 / Greg

Build a 5V USB to 24V PoE Booster

I wanted the ability to conveniently PoE power radios out in the field, which to me, means via USB. I started doing some googleing, and couldn’t find anything, so here’s a quick tutorial on how to build one of your own. It takes any USB input(either via your laptop* or a booster pack), and spits out 24V power. I put an asterisk by powering it via laptop. As Faisal pointed out, if you use a high wattage radio(or other device) via this on your standard USB interface it may pull too much current and damage your port. It’s for this reason I only use my laptop for very low wattage kit like hap ac lites and the like. If you are going to power something large use a 5V 2A boost battery pack.

Here’s the quick build video:

The STL files for the 3D printed case can be found here: poe-booster-case (664 downloads)

The boost module can be found here on amazon.

The barrel jack can just be one you cut off a wall wart, or you can order some from amazon here.

***I’ve noted that the load should be connected first(hook up the radio first), then plug the USB cable into your power source. I found that some of my boost power packs don’t like it when I do it the other way round.***

Let me know if you have any questions or comments, and thanks for reading!


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  1. Chad / Oct 14 2018

    Interesting idea, since you always have a USB port handy.

    We use 12V or 18V drill batteries, connected to a heated jacket power supply connector. This way you have a higher wattage available, and usually a few batteries available.

  2. Greg / Oct 16 2018

    @Chad I do the same thing too. I have a Ryobi drill set that came with a flashlight. I just tapped into the bulb wiring and put a barrel jack on it.

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