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Aug 27 / Greg

Protect Your Network From Mikrotik Exploits

Attacks on older versions of Mikrotik have stepped up recently. You can easily protect your network from such attacks in a couple of simple steps.

1. Update your Mikrotik to a new version that isn’t affected

system package upgrade

2. Disable any unneeded Mikrotik services

ip services
dis 0,1,2,3,4,7

3. Add firewall rules to protect those services – be sure to drag it to the top of the list

/ip firewall address-list
# create an address-list where management traffic will be sourced from
add address= list=management
/ip firewall filter
# create a firewall drop rule that will block access to the allowed ip services if it's not from the management subnet
add action=drop chain=input dst-port=80,8291 protocol=tcp src-address-list=!management

Create entries in an address list that will specify what your management subnets are.

If you would like to protect Mikrotiks inside of your network, you should apply similar rules to the forward chain of your border routers.

This obviously isn’t a complete security policy, or all of the firewall rules you should have in place, but it will at a minimum stop attacks.

If you have been comprimised, you really should update, then verify no new users, firewall rules, socks, or web proxies are in place.

You then need to change all of your user/password combos as part of the exploits is extraction of the user database!

You should update ASAP. A best strategy would be to reset the configuration, update, and rebuild.

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