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Feb 11 / Greg

My Mobile Home Network Lab

So my lab allows me to login to a web page and power on/off all of my network gear. I also have a console server to remotely access every piece of gear. I use this lab extensively for building my Lynda and LinkedIn Learning videos. I also use it regularly for all sorts of network testing.

Everything is remotely accessible through the console server as well as remotely powered.
I have:
– 7206 G1
– 2621XM
– 3550
– 3750G

-hap lite

Digital logger power controlers
Avocent cyclades console server

Let me know what you guys do for your home lab!


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  1. Andy / Feb 18 2018

    I’ve learned a lot from you over time Greg, thanks. I humbly offer one piece of advice. I realize this is a home rack, not a customer. And I don’t even have a rack at home so my stuff is a mess. But…

  2. Greg / Feb 18 2018

    @Andy I have brought great shame upon my family. LOL Yeah, my lab cabling all goes to one side and is attached with Velcro. I’ve been waiting for you to pop by and fix it for me…I can’t wait forever, chop-chop!

  3. Andy / Feb 18 2018

    I’ll come and talk to you at the next MUM I go to or whatever other thing we both happen to be at… I do actually enjoy cleaning up cabling…

  4. Greg / Feb 18 2018

    10-4 good buddy

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