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Jul 31 / Greg

The Ataritik – A Mikrotik HapMini In An Atari Cart

We were at the classic gaming fest in Austin a few days ago, and they had bins full of all kinds of retro games. Some of the bins had classic Atari 2600 carts for a buck…and I figured I could find a reason to buy one. After a second or two of noodling I figured a HapMini would likely fit nicely inside…and I was right!

There’s a screw hiding under the labels. I used a heat gun to peel it off.

Looks like it will fit…

Not really much to it

The HapMinis open up quite easily.

The supports I nipped of with some pliers so the board would sit flatish

Dry fit looks good.

I 3d printed a face plate just to clean up the look a bit.

I brushed it with acetone to strengthen the part.

I used puffy double stick tape to lock it in place.

Taped in place


I used a little hot glue to attach the face plate to the Mikrotik.

Ahhh, lovely blinking lights.


Anyone want a Pac-tik?

This was a fun quick/dirty mod that is going to be a lot of fun keeping in my laptop bag. I think it will get some fairly positive reactions when I pull it out to fix a network or demonstrate an idea. This is one of those “stop and smell the roses” projects I never take time to do anymore. Hopefully I’ll be getting my hands dirty some more soon. Have fun and happy routing 🙂


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  1. CanadaCory / Aug 15 2017

    B..E..A..U..T..Y!! these project keep me checking in over the years, got me thinking about the old Atari joystick with the red button and what a wonderful home it would make for the mAP, get creative and run a rubber ducky antenna up the handle, 😉

    keep up the good work Greg.


  2. Greg / Aug 15 2017

    @Cory You beautiful bastard. It’s been ages good sir. I’m still riding longboards thanks to you 😉 heh. It’s harder to imagine what you couldn’t put one of these into…that or a mAP lite!

  3. Wayne Hancock / Aug 22 2017

    Dude, so jealous!! That is a awesome conversion!

  4. Greg / Aug 22 2017

    @Wayne Thanks, it was a fun to turn my brain off for 30 minutes or so 😛

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