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Sep 20 / Greg

CME Auto Dial – The Batphone

I needed to have a simple two phone system where by if a phone was picked up, it would autodial an ATA. This is for an alert system at an airport. The ATA is auto answered by a PA system that sounds an alarm and allows speech to be blasted. If you search on ebay for “Cisco CME”, you will see a myriad of inexpensive preloaded routers running CallManager Express for around $75. With this you pair a cheap phone/ata, and away you go.

For one thing, I always forget the default URL for CallManager Express it is http://IPAddress/ccme.html. Now I will remember it forever!!!

Once you add your phones, check for the “ephone-dn” associated with the handset’s extension. Then you add the trunk command to it using the extension of the ATA.
Phone extension is 201
ATA extension is 301

ephone-dn  10  dual-line
 trunk 301

It’s just that simple. Now when the phone handset is picked up it will auto call the ATA.

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