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Sep 12 / Greg

MUM 2014 Pittsburgh New Gear

Sooo, there were a few new product announcements, nothing mind blowing, but always good. Here’s some images for your viewing pleasure.

It looks like all of the CRS1XX series devices are your higherpower guys, while the CCR2XX series are going to be your lighter power units. All CRS8’s are supposed to be available in October.
Super cool all SFP unit…great for aggregation. 1 SFP+ to uplink to the core. I can see using this at an MDU site to aggregate all of the buildings, then uplink to your core CCR for routing.


The cAP is the answer to unifi…the idea is to pair this with CAPsMan for centralized management.


The FTC is Fiber to Copper. It is basically a gigabit media converter…what’s so cool about that? Well, it is waterproof. This means we can strap this guy to a tower, to the side of a building…it doesn’t matter. I suppose you could even use this for a FttX deployment in an active environment.


The CCR1072 isn’t new, but what is new is that it has a ship date…they are saying November “of this year”…heh. This device ONLY runs v7 which means if we see this in November, then expect to see V7 slightly before. Just told this is incorrect information…sometimes the rumor mill isn’t so accurate 😛

Cheers to all my old mates, and the new 😉


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  1. x / Sep 12 2014

    v6 is unstable and already thinking about the v7 🙁

  2. Tim Payne / Sep 12 2014

    Nice to see you although we really didn’t talk. Sorry about my bag running over your toes at the registration desk when I was leaving. Sounds like I would have won something ( not sure what it was), had I been able to stick around.


  3. Greg / Sep 16 2014

    @Tim, you should have said hellooooo 😉

  4. Tim Payne / Sep 16 2014

    I should have, but you looked like you were busy with business and I know that’s very important to those who look at this as their day job. 🙂
    Things I’m looking forward to in v7:
    More device support for LTE devices used primarily in the US.
    Making the new swich chip configuration a bit more intuitive rather than a listing off of the chip’s data sheet. Could I expect something close to CISCO ? Maybe just wishfull thinking, eh? 🙂
    Looking forward to “Auto-MTU” .. Doesn’t CISCO have that? Funny, I remember very clearly at the LAS MUM asking for that from Janis. At the time, he didn’t think it was important. It must finally have risen to the top along with some others.
    Hardware wise, I continued to ask for a serial interface for the 951 series and the 260 switch series for easier configuration and recovery after a lock up.. Yes, my experimenting does lead to quite a few of those.. :-). It would be slick to have CISCO style RJ-45 console interface connector on it.. 🙂

    Other opinions? I’m sure there are quite a few from the more intensive users than me?

  5. Greg / Sep 16 2014

    I’m never that busy 🙂

    I think it is universally agreed they need work on the switch interface, but they are getting there.

    I’m a serial fan…I’ve been using Cisco for ages, which I’m guessing you have also.

  6. AndrewThrift / Sep 16 2014

    The CRS would be perfect with LLDP and 802.3af/at 🙂

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