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Apr 9 / Greg

Broadband Communities Summit Day 1

Internet Only Providers

This session was how internet only providers can differentiate themselves.

  • MDUs further out via wireless are interesting opportunities.
  • Older MDUs can be serviced via wifi (they aren’t willing to wire the MDU) – One guy says “Ruckus has it figured out.”
  • Seeing a shift of areas with younger “hip” kids that don’t want voice or video services. Everything is internet based.
  • Some are doing free X day trials in MDUs.
  • Apartment providers will provide 3 amenities in the future – Water, Electricity, Internet.
  • Customer surveys say 51% of customers don’t like their ISP.
  • Need to work on relation ships with property owners. Difference between Provider and a Partner.
  • Internet can be considered a “customer focused utility”.
  • A good marketing tool is to sell your service as “Buffer free”.
  • Allowing any tech in the field to offer 1 free month of service to a customer. It empowers the tech to “go the extra mile.” Gives them some ownership.
  • Beat the competition with service. Tell your techs to go the extra mile for property owners.
  • Student Housing

  • Just delivering more BW isn’t the answer. Improved latency and jitter.
  • Some service providers will no-bid SH. Students don’t tend to want TV, which is where they make more money.
  • Foreign content providing is increasing. A large surge in BitTorrent is due to foreign content not offered in local area.
  • 802.11AC is going to see much larger uptake in the next year (you guys saw this coming).
  • 80% of devices are connecting via wifi
  • Planning for 36-60 months of life in the wifi infrastructure.

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    1. Mike Hammett / Apr 10 2014

      So then what are they saying as far as older buildings… that they don’t want to rewire them or that they aren’t allowed to rewire them?

      Any mention of why\how Ruckus has it figured out over say someone like Xirrus? Both are on my recommend list, but what’s special about the Ruckus?

      Any sort of assistance or ideas on marketing to these kinds of places?

      Improved latency and jitter. Improved as compared to what? What’s the bar we should be meeting?

    2. Ty / Apr 10 2014

      Great notes. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a good talk.

    3. Greg / Apr 10 2014

      Mike this was a HUGE marketing engine for fiber. They were pushing that if you have existing copper to abandon it and go with fiber.

      Having said that, there was one company that does MDU distribution via wireless only…seems crazy, but they are supposedly doing well with it.

      No idea on the Ruckus, they just mentioned it quickly.

      Again, all marketing was for fiber. I’m still a big advocate of copper ethernet, and if it already exists, I’m going to use it.

      Latency/Jitter better than your local competition.

    4. Justin M / Apr 14 2014

      You forgot that the Ruckus wireless guy was on the panel.

    5. Greg / Apr 14 2014

      I didn’t realize the guy worked for Ruckus!!!!!! That changes all of the things 😛

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