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Feb 20 / Greg

New Mikrotik Products Announced EU MUM 2014

I saw this first from Andrew Cox, then again in the forums from Andrew Thrift.

Thanks to Wenas Ong for the pricing and THESE PICTURES.

New details announced:
– 2 Models available:
– – 2x SFP and 8 copper gig ($425)
– – 1x SFP, 1x SFP+ and 8 gig copper($495)
– Dual PSU allowing failover HHHHHHooooooooooooo – needed this for ages
– Available very soon
The PRICE-A is so NICE-A

– Supports 802.3af/at PoE input
– Passive PoE output
– Micro USB for 3G/4G

– 12 x SFP
– 1x SFP+
– Comes with 1000baseTX SFP module
– Available April
– $745!
This is looking peeeeeeeerfect for a transport project I’m doing right now. Great for L2 transport me thinks. How can you say no to the price?

New products:
– RB450G replacement, same form factor
– 500Mhz Dual Core PPC Processor. I need to see some throughput tests people!
– 512MB RAM
– $129

– New beast mode router
– 72 Core Tilera Processor
– 8x SFP+ 1x Gigabit Ethernet
– 16GB RAM
– Smart Card slot for certificate storage
– Dual PSU
– Available this year, it sounds like Mikrotik are working very hard on making sure the software is ready to handle the power of this hardware.
This is what I’ve been holding my breath for…multiple 10Gb interfaces. I wonder if this thing can do 80G routed…who knows. I know it would be interesting as just 10Gb transit for L2…cheapest 10Gb switch out there?

CAPs Manager
– Centralised wireless controller, looks to be CAPWAP based
– L2 or L3 communication from AP’s to controller
– Beta available in the next few days, full release coming in a few weeks

I want to see pictures to better understand specs on the gear, but this is what we know right now.


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  1. H. / Feb 20 2014

    Any photos?

  2. Greg / Feb 20 2014

    Bah, not yet…I’m going to keep looking, though.

  3. Onno / Feb 20 2014

    I hope the RB850Gx2 can do hardware encryption and has no switch-chip.
    It would be a UBNT ERL Lite killer:)
    The ERL is lacking some very important features like MPLS/VPLS.

    Maybe the CCR1009 is going to replace the Juniper SRX210HE2 at home 🙂

  4. Greg / Feb 20 2014

    I’ve heard almost NOTHING on this gear. I love speculating, though…hehe.

    Real specs, pictures, and of course price are not forthcoming.

  5. sora / Feb 20 2014


    It confirms has HW acceleration, i don’t think it has hardware encryption, there is no “A” 😉

  6. Greg / Feb 20 2014

    Thanks for the confirmation sir.

  7. Wenas Ong / Feb 20 2014

    The RB850Gx2 do have Hardware Acceleration. Based on what I heard from the Mikrotik forum.

  8. Mike Hammett / Feb 21 2014

    I wonder what the CRS226 is…

    That 1072 looks quite exciting…

  9. Onno / Feb 21 2014

    I also see a CRS226 in the sheets:
    24x Gigabit UTP
    2x SFP+ 10 Gigabit
    < $300
    Nice 🙂

  10. Greg / Feb 21 2014

    Thanks to Onno, the CRS226 specs are listed above. Dirt cheap 10Gb switch…hard to believe.

  11. J.J. / Feb 21 2014

    I see us switching almost completely to mikrotik shop in the next 24 months… I like the new antenna design. Guess they got tired of people slapping their radios on the back of ubiquiti dishes.

    Wonder if they are working on anything like Airfiber? Truly interesting stuff!

  12. Greg / Feb 21 2014

    No kidding…VERY familiar antenna design hehe

  13. vicent_nb1 / Feb 24 2014

    New products with specs listed here:

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