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Aug 23 / Greg

Controlling Chromecast From Another Country

Andrew (in Australia) connects to my chromecast in Memphis, TN, USA. We create a GRE tunnel, then route an EoIP tunnel across that, then we bridge the EoIP tunnels together and then…magic happens 😛


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  1. Eol / Sep 1 2013

    lol madness
    So… please don’t try this at… enterprise 🙂 coz if you make it – only you’ll be responsive for support and troubleshot.
    But I can’t understood – why did you add this GRE tunnel? In mine humbly opinion bridge between EoIP and WiFi interfaces should be more than enough to achieve this. If you worry about security IPSec over tunnel can fix this.

  2. Greg / Sep 1 2013

    🙂 My ISP blocked EoIP traffic, so we had to encapsulate it in GRE to get it through. EoIP would normally be enough, you are correct.

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