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Jun 10 / Greg

Ubiquiti AirVision 2 NVR

Ubiquiti announced the arrival of AirVision 2 and with it a new NVR appliance.

  • 1200 hours at 480P
  • 400 hours at 720P
  • Up to 50 cameras
  • 500GB HD
  • auto-discovery of airCams
  • camera-based motion detection
  • user-level security
  • storage management
  • H.264 video
  • reporting
  • mobile device support
  • Lets see…that breaks down to 50 days at 480P. That would be 1 camera straight for 50 days, or 50 cameras for 1 day. This is actually pretty decent. If we were to configure the cameras for motion based recording it should even out pretty well.

    I LOVE the idea of just taking a tiny appliance, plugging it in and away you go. I have a feeling I’ll be deploying one of these within a month or two. I’m looking forward to it actually. The interface looks pretty much the same as Unifi’s interface, which means you will be familiar with the product in seconds.

    I’m looking forward to seeing just how fast I can deploy an entire system. I also plan to do a quick start/overview video of my initial experiences with the product.

    Looks like MSRP is somewhere in the $330 range. What say you guys?


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    1. Andrew Stern / Jun 10 2013

      the nvr is an asus barebones nt-a3700

      we’ve deployed many of them as windows appliances. they are cheap, low power, and can be fitted behind monitors/tv’s

      for even more lols for me, i already use one as a unifi controller!

      so weird, feels like ubnt reached stole my thoughts.

    2. Greg / Jun 11 2013

      @Andrew S.
      Thanks for the update. Looks like the barebones + RAM + HD would be close to $300.
      So they are leaching the thoughts from your brain and not even paying you royalties…tough brake dude. I’m wondering when we will see this chassis loaded with all of the controller bits…a one stop shop for everything.

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