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Apr 10 / Greg

Modify Cacti Alerts In Mass

So I’m updating syslog and thold alerts in mass…removing an email address actually. Here are a couple of quick find and replace statements:

Syslog Alerts

use syslog;
update syslog_alert set email=replace(email,', [email protected]','');

Thold Alerts

use cacti;
update cacti set thold_data=replace(notify_extra,'[email protected], ','');


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  1. Grega / Apr 18 2013

    Hi Greg,

    This is just a general question regarding Cacti. Do you still prefer it over alternatives like Zabbix? Why?

  2. Greg / Apr 18 2013

    I’ve not explored other systems for so long, that I’ve just stuck with Cacti because it works. If I had enough free time to test I might move. I’ve heard good things about Zabbix.

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