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Nov 10 / Greg

15 Minute Stilts

We used the remains of an 8 inch concrete form, a little 1X4 board, some electric fence wire, and some cat5 to make stilts. For the kids I used the boots off of some old roller skates and duct taped them to the boards. I think we have too much fun with trash!

Wiring the end of the board to the tube.

The whole board wired on.

Hold the wire for additional stability…or to just plain keep’m on your feet.

Gavin on stilts

The black on his chin is sharpie…we were coloring balloons earlier…hehehe

The boss on the stilts


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  1. Phil C / Nov 15 2012

    beating the kids again hmm? “sharpie to the chin” riiiiiiiight 😛

  2. Greg / Nov 15 2012

    By sharpie I mean sharp right hook of course. 😉

  3. Jacob / Jun 24 2013

    Gavin is apparently a raving fan 😉 Some day daddy will need a publicist and Gavin will be a shoe in.

  4. Greg / Jun 24 2013

    Ha, something like that B.

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