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Sep 28 / Greg

Mikrotik ROS V6 Changes – Janis Megis

V6 features

CCR only for V6. This is the big push.
There are announced and unannounced CCR products. This means their are more CCRs on the way.
5.21 is kernel 2.6.35
6.X is kernel 3.3.5+

New Kernel Features

New interface driver support. “If you have X86, try V6 to ensure your drivers are included.”
Improved interface management – scales up to thousands of interfaces.
Requires less storage space.
RB interface driver performance up to 30%.
RB package is now merged into system package.
Slave flag now shows up for bridge/bonding/switch group interfaces.
Export compact is now the default. /export verbose is required for old way.
No x86 64 bit. “Maybe in version 7.”

New CPU architecture

CCR is 64 bit
Dual memory channel
RAM up to 1TB
Hardware accelerated multi-threading(no need for RPS and IRQ management).
Lifted 16 CPU limit. New limit is 64 core.
Multi-core improvement up to 20%.

QoS reworked
No more “global-in”, “global-out”, or “global-total”. Replaced with “global”. They are shifting around where it sits in the packet flow.
Simple queue is now at end of post routing and input.

Normal global-in, global-out, and global total are going away.

The prerouting version now moves to the end of input and the postrouting version now moves to the very end of postrouting.

PCQ is now NAT aware
Simple queues in version 5 were built on queue trees. By creating a simple queue multiple dynamic queue tree entries were invisibly created(sometimes up to 3). SQs in V6 are now independent of queue trees. *Thanks for the correction Janis*
SQ can now handle tens of thousands of rules.
SQ improved by around 600%.
SQ “target” is the main option now
SQ “dst” parameter now supports dst interface too
Seperate “priority” for download/upload/total.
If you don’t have thousands of SQ entries, you will see no improvement over your queue trees.

SCEP protocol support

Simple cert enrolment protocol
Process is now easier.

Wireless advanced channels

Works only between atheros AR92XX and only between MTK
-centery freq range:
– -2192-2734mhz
– -4800-6100mhz
Choose precise center freq .5mhz step
choose channel width 2.5-30mhz, .5mhz step
Not in winbox yet.
Name each advanced channel.
Add named to scan list.


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  1. Omega-00 / Sep 28 2012

    Excellent breakdown, the SQ improvements are something I’ll be testing out myself and it’s good to hear confirmation on some of our speculations.

    Thanks for getting the low down and thanks to Janis for the info!

  2. Justin M / Sep 28 2012

    I’m trying to get Janis to look into CoDel queue types. I’ve seen that it requires linux kernel 3.3 min and it’s built into 3.5…

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