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Sep 27 / Greg

MUM 2012 Multi-Homed BGP

At this year’s MUM I did a presentation on multi-homed BGP. Multi-homed BGP is when your autonomous system peers with multiple internet providers. Peering via BGP with multiple providers allows you to add IP address redundancy, load-balancing inbound/outbound and have greater control of how your addressing is viewed to the internet at large.

This covers:

  • Configuring OSPF for internal links
  • Configuring BGP instance, peers, networks, filters, prepending
  • Some verifications
  • Here are the router configs as well as the slides: Multihomed-BGP-Part1 (4184 downloads)

    Here’s part one of the video. If it doesn’t load, refresh!

    One more thing of note is a letter of authorization(LOA). An LOA is written notice that you send to your upstream providers telling them what addressing to expect and what AS #’s the addressing will be sourced from. Your providers will generally build their filter lists based on this information. Give them the large subnet size, but tell them to accept any thing as big as a /24.

    Hello from Australia 😉 BTW, we MISSED you Andrew!

    Australian Fonzie! I have no idea what this bloke’s name is…hehe.

    As always, please leave me any questions or comments below. THANKS GUYS!

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    1. Alberto Milian / Sep 28 2012

      Thank you very much Greg and Team, very concise and detailed presentation wonderfull addition to the Mikrotik University Knowledgebase.

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