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May 18 / Greg

Run Your Own Speed Test Server

The default test for most users is to browse over to and run a quick check. If you now want to run that same test from your clients to one of your own internal servers, you can now do it…for FREE! The fine folks over at now allow you to download their mini client to run on your own servers.

If you want, you could couple this with my speedtest redirection to force all users to speed test with your internal server. 😉


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  1. Justin M / May 19 2012

    The mini speed test expires so you’ve got to reinstall it or write a bash script to get it and install it nightly.

  2. Justin Wilson / May 20 2012

    Just remember to check on it on a regular basis because it expires. You have to go back to their site every couple of months and re-download and re-install it. The last time any of my installations expired was about 3 months ago so I am keeping an eye out.

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