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Jan 14 / Greg

Mikrotik VRRP On VMWare

I keep a VMWare server at the house to mock up configs on. I love being able to ramp up and down to test as many routers at once as I like. While working on an VRRP implementation recently I hit a small problem…it wouldn’t work! I made a little video outlining the problem and the solution:

More information on VMWare Promiscuous mode is here.

Thanks and happy virtualizing!


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  1. meatric / Jan 16 2012

    it works with the change of the Virtual Machine Port Group 😉

  2. Joeri / Feb 27 2012

    Hi Greg,

    Do you expect sometime that statefull nat failover will be implemented? Because now all connections will be dropped after a failover in a “natted” scenario…

  3. Alex Samad / Oct 11 2013


    Thanks for that, I think i ran in to the same problem thought it was me…


  4. Kent / Jun 11 2014

    Thanks a million man !I’ve stucked by this for several days and your video helped me out,real appreciate this !

  5. Andrei / Apr 28 2016

    You have a problem because the packets get duplicated in the network. Because of promisc mode they get sent to both master and slave, so both route the packets forward. Try pinging the master for example and you will see redirects from the slave.

  6. Brett Keezer / Dec 7 2016

    I know this is quite old now, but was beating my head on the wall with this. New to VRRP config I thought it was my lack of skill, but it is stupid simple really and didn’t think I could mess it up that much. Found this. Thank you so much man! Running x86 image on VmWare 6

  7. Greg / Dec 8 2016

    NP Brett, always happy to help.

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