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Nov 4 / Greg

MUM 2011 Tiktube Presentations

Rogue Access Point Detection/Mitigation

This is my presentation…yeah? The link goes to my article on it that contains all the files and such. *Watch this…please*

QoS workshop

This was a brilliant presentation my Janis. This was a slower pace presentation that is really an intro to QoS focusing heavily on the packet flow diagram(the most brilliant piece of MTK documentation). My thoughts were “Where was this presentation when I got started.” *Watch this*

Wireless tricks

This was a great presentation by Uldis. This had a lot of great charts and information all aggregated into one place. *Watch this*

Load Balance Workshop

This is just as it is described. Unfortunately there is no video for this one, only audio. Janis does have the slides that you should be able to follow along with. Even though there is no video, it is a Janis presentation, so it will be worth reviewing.

Volume Configuration

Mike over at Duxtel Australia talks about how to bulk configure routers while fighting off kangaroos. Mike is also quite a nice guy…if you guys get a chance, give him a shout.

Wireless in the Jungles of the Congo

John Gorenflo gave a cool presentation of his wireless work in the Congo. I have a feeling that John is a true life MacGyver. It seems that everything being done in the Congo requires duct tape, a ballpoint pen and a baboon. John will hopefully upload some of his videos.

Resolving Wireless Disconnects

Jonathan gave a lot of great tips on “getting the link up so that it can wait until the morning.” I think we all like the sound of that.

Access Point Redundancy

This was an interesting presentation on running double the number of APs at each site. The idea is that if one dies on you, you can crank up the new one.


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  1. O! / Nov 4 2011

    Seem like the second and the third have the same link?

  2. Greg / Nov 4 2011


  3. Justin M / Nov 4 2011

    The audio on the Load Balancing workshop was provided by me. I’m glad it turned out well.

  4. Greg / Nov 4 2011

    @Justin AKA The Bachelor Party
    I should have known it was you 😉 Thanks again kiddo.

  5. tom / Nov 5 2011

    Seems like I have something to do over the weekend!

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