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Oct 25 / Greg

Wispapalloza 2011 Presentation Recordings

Justin Miller over at VA Skywire was kind enough to send along the recordings be made of some WISPA presentations.

Here’s the zip file that contains them all: Wispapalooza-2011 (1275 downloads)

Presentations are:

Knowledge Exchange
A Marketing Panel whichi will discuss and share experiences and techniques which will guide the particpants to successful marketing campaigns.

Luncheon – Craig Settles Keynote

Does WiMAX really work?
Manufacturers and Operators discuss Wimax, its capabilities, limitations and future.

Wireless Network Design and Planning
There are many ways to design wireless networks, making it one of the most flexible broadband networks available today. Learn techniques from operators and consultants who have created some of the most efficient and redundant fixed wireless networks in the country.

Make your business green

Tower Grounding and Mounting Best Practices

Antenna Propagation

Best Practices 3.65Ghz

Lori Randall-Stradtman-Breaking Rules

Are you managing your network

IPv6 Roadmap

Spectrum Self-management

FCC’s newly licensed bands

Again, thanks go to Justin. Hopefully he will be kind enough to pop on and answer any questions you guys might have about the included presentations.

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