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Oct 15 / Greg

MUM 2011 Update 2

Soooo much going on. That wasn’t nearly enough time to do ANYTHING. I was only able to talk to about a quarter of the people I wanted to and of those that I did talk to I didn’t have near enough time. It seems like once I finally got hold of someone I had to run in a different direction. I didn’t even get to properly say goodbye to a lot of you guys, which I apologize for. If you are still in Vegas, and have a minute, give me a shout.

I’ve come to realize that the people are really the reason I keep coming back to the MUM. The MUM is kinda the only place I fit in…heh.

So Andrew did a quick round up of some of the products. I didn’t properly get pictures of all of the slides, but he got most of them.


SXT Six Pack

The six pack consists of 5 SXTs and one Omnitik. This is a nice little starter pack. I believe they said this package is ideal for 3KM.


  • Low cost.
  • CPU wise, just above 400 series RBs(mips based)
  • 7 models being released between December to February
  • 3 models will feature 1 SFP slot
  • 5 10/100Mb ports and 5 1Gb ports
  • 1 model will feature an LCD screen
  • Some will have no case
  • Some will have a nice desktop case (as shown in the picture)
  • Some will have a 1U rack mount case
  • Some will feature single chain wireless while others will have dual chain wireless
  • I’m really excited to see this one live and in action…especially interested to see the entry price for these guys.

    These look just like the standard 1100 case wise.

  • They will be available end of October
  • Hardware based IPSec encryption
  • First MTK with multiple cores
  • 751G
    750G form factor and speed, but with 4 ports of PoE.

    Groove 2.4
    Either I’m bonkers from lack of sleep, or they announced the 2.4 version of the groove.


    Uldis had a great wireless presentation that everyone should see as soon as it is on tiktube. He aggregated a lot of wiki content into a nice little cheat sheet. I’ll link to everything as soon as is possible.

  • Advance data rate(available in version 5.7) – each client will quickly and independently select its own data rate
  • Protocol “any” chooses the AP to connect to based on signal strength alone
  • Janis had a great “getting started with QoS” lecture. If only this existed when I got started 🙂

  • Multi-queue-fifo – just introduced – Adds support for network interfaces(such as some Intel NICs) that have multiple RX/TX queues built in – Check “/sys resources irq” to check
  • PCQs were completely rewritten in version 5.0RC5 – New bursting/V6 support added
  • Time to sleep…more to come later.


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    1. Omega-00 / Oct 15 2011

      Feel free to grab info from the slides I took photos off with my terrible camera phone >_< – Public link for anyone to view.

      It has been both a pleasure and an honor to make both of your acquaintances and I hope to be able to do so again sometime in the near future, perhaps an EU or AU MUM next time?!

    2. Phil / Oct 19 2011

      these are the only pics you have of the 2011? (im aware that it is a slide but still)…. all I see is a routerblob!

    3. Greg / Oct 19 2011

      Do check the link to Andrew’s pictures. He has a much better version.

    4. Canada Cory / Oct 26 2011

      Hey Greg,

      Nice brief chat at MUM…sounds like everyone just ran outta time and then boom everything was done! great to finally meet up with you though.

      Sadly I got to mum about 2 hours late and missed the free handouts, got some cool T’s but missed out on the rb751’s and I was really looking forward to busting into this badboy and see the internals.(another day I guess) Specs say this includes a 2.5dbi internal antenna, which is great, but there are not any clear pics of the external mmcx on the back for external antennas…do you know if theses are setup for dual chain external antenna’s….just curious if you have you have seduced the RB751 and gotten it to shed a layer or two, to get a peek at the undercarriage. hehe!



    5. Greg / Oct 26 2011

      It was nice meeting you…you seemed like a a California surfer that said “ay” a lot…hehehe.

      The 751 has 3 internal antennas. The first HT chain 0 will send on one antenna, chain 1 will receive on the second antenna. The second HT will send/receive on the same antenna. The external antenna is linked to the third antenna. If you connect to the external antenna it disables the third internal antenna.

      BTW, I’ve got those trucks sitting on my work table 🙂

    6. Canada Cory / Oct 27 2011

      ok excellent and thanks for the explanation, if I understand you correctly the external antenna will be used for the ‘send and receive’ from ‘one’ physical antenna?

      I hope those truck/wheels serve you well,i put some good millage on Canadian roads with them, no rush on the project, it will be a good winter project for you…oh wait…that’s just in Canada! brrr…



    7. Greg / Oct 27 2011

      Correct sir…send/receive from one physical antenna.

      I’m adding it to the list of projects 🙂 I’m thinking about also doing an interesting xmas lights project this year too…we’ll see, though.

    8. Pete Thomas / Feb 24 2012

      Has the RB751G been cleared for the US market yet? Everywhere I look it is “out of stock,” “coming soon,” or “back ordered!”

    9. Greg / Feb 24 2012

      No idea. You can always contact one of the distributors.

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