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Sep 17 / Greg

Quick Start On Unifi

I had a few troubles getting started with Ubiquiti’s Unifi platform. So far I really like the gear and the configuration method, there are just a few sticking points when getting started.

Have a look at the video below to see how I bypassed the “stuck in adopting” issue as well as having a standard open AP:

If you are having issues with your AP, you can SSH into him and issue this command to reset to factory defaults:

1 restore-default


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  1. Justin M / Sep 18 2011

    I’ve deployed a lot of UniFi on Debian boxes. If you are changing controllers, export the config and re-import the config into the new box and you wont have to reset and adopt each AP again. This can be done via the controller website.

    Also, if you are running MT hotspot, be sure to bypass the AP’s before trying to adopt them.

    Finally, the new 2.0 Beta software can run and control the AP’s from offsite. They have instructions on how to run the controller on AWS. It’s very exciting stuff. It would also be cool to run this on an x86 MT box as a KVM/Xen install.

  2. Greg / Sep 19 2011

    Thanks for the update kid.

    To do remote provisioning I setup an EoIP tunnel and do an L2 bridge between the Mikrotik hotspot over to an MTK on my desk…works like a charm 🙂

  3. Justin Wilson / Sep 20 2011

    After deploying 3 throughout my house I have found that 802.11g devices have difficulty with these. 1st generation Apple Airports, Netgear PCMCIA b/g, and some offbrand all have issues. They connect, but the throughput is terrible. I just chock this up to the unifi stepping down and not communicating well with these old clients.

    Mounting is very well thought out. You can actually route the cat5 without it getting too kinked.

  4. Greg / Sep 20 2011

    I’m using all of my APs as low BW guest access at our datacenters. I love the ease of deployment.

    I really like the mounting too. They look great…as does all UBNT equipment. I liken it to a large smoke detector.

  5. Justin M / Sep 20 2011

    We’ve got these in several apartment complex and hotels now. We havent had much issue with people not being able to connect. Be sure to choose HT20 and not HT40. Given the limited channel space of 2.4ghz, using 40mhz per channel is silly given how many additional devices are out there broadcasting as well.

    I’ve successfully gotten the beta controller installed on AWS / EC2. I set up the AP’s here in the office, pointed at the cloud, then had a tech install them onsite. I was able to see each one come on from the office.

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