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Aug 10 / Greg

Atheros Adaptive Noise Immunity (ANI)

In the Atheros AR5212 and newer chipsets there is a new feature called Adaptive Noise Immunity. It is basically a hardware noise reduction technology.

Adaptive Noise Immunity (ANI) adjusts various receiver parameters dynamically to minimize interference and noise effect on the signal quality.

I’ve got some 2.4 gear in a noisy neighbor hood and I was just sick to death of the interference. I’ve been tweaking and tweaking when I saw the ANI setting. I figured I would give it a swing and set it to client mode…seconds later when the client reconnected my CCQ went from 12% to 80% and my throughput went up by a factor of about 15!


/interface wireless set 0 adaptive-noise-immunity=ap-and-client-mode | client-mode | none


**Be sure you are in "advanced mode" while in winbox**

AP and client = Will adjust if acting as AP or client
Client = Will adjust only if acting as client
None = Disabled

Here is Atheros’ patent doc on the technology.

Mikrotik officially says that Nv2 inter operates with ANI.

I would say that if you have some noisy areas, then give this a swing and see if you get an improvement.

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