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Jun 20 / Greg

Callmanager 4.1.3 Calling Search Space Caviot

In CM4.1.3 you have the option to add multiple partitions to your calling search space. Beyond this, you can order them based on priority.

Within these partitions that are ordered you can add router patterns. Route patterns are matching strings for numbers dialed…as in 9.123XXXX. The idea of putting these route patterns in partitions is that you can have different patterns route differently based on which partition you put them in. You can have the same pattern in multiple partitions that will all route to a different gateway.

Going back to the CSS and it’s ordered list. Say our CSS is named Cool-CSS. This CSS has three partitions in it:

Lets pretend that those are ordered in that fashion within our CSS.

Within these partitions you have the following route patterns:

The number I’m trying to dial is 123-4567. To me it would seem that since you can order your partitions within the CSS that it would search them in order and choose whichever matches first. In the above example, that would be Part1. This is not the case.

The only time the ordered preference makes any difference is when you have two longest match routes in different partitions. What it does by default is look for the longest match in any partition. So in truth Part3 is what will be matched.

I went through the trouble of writing this long explanation in the hopes that I won’t forget yet again…hehe.

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