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Mar 1 / Greg

You Down With UDP?

James was singing to the melody of O.P.P by naughty by nature, “You down with UDP?” To which I didn’t answer, because UDP is connectionless. He then sang “You down with TCP?” and I answered “Yeah you know me.” This was a pretty lame joke. So to top that I asked “Does this make all UDP questions rhetorical?”

I love a good lame joke 😛


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  1. Omega-00 / Mar 1 2011

    A UDP packet walks into a bar, no one acknowledges him.

    A TCP packet walks into a bar twice because no one acknowledged him the first time.

    An ICMP packet walks into a bar, says “Hello!” to the bartender, who then in turn runs out to tell the ICMP packet’s wife.

    A BGP peer walks into a bar, exchanges contact details with every one, then leaves and… yeah I’ve probably gone over my quota for terrible jokes today.

  2. Greg / Mar 1 2011

    You have indeed. I bow to your terrible joke generation abilities…and will now tarpit you.

  3. Omega-00 / Mar 1 2011

    Well, I didn’t want to just flood you with invalid comments now did I 😀

    Unrelated but just as important side-note: Routerboard SFP device to be announced! *excited*

  4. Greg / Mar 1 2011

    I saw that! All I can say is “it’s about friggin time people!” I’m still waiting to see an X86 based RB.

  5. J.J. Boyd / Mar 1 2011

    Dorks! ewww a mystery device! Im so excited I could pee. 🙂

  6. Tim Payne / Mar 1 2011

    Hell, I’m just waiting for MikroTik to fix WinBox so it remembers my settings every time I restart it. That would be nice. I’ve got a lot of complaints about WinBox… But sorry, no jokes. How about PIM-Dense or Bi-Directional PIM? Openvpn that supports udp?
    By the way Greg, I’ve got OSPF and PIM-SM working over a IPIP/IPSec tunnel thanks to a little nudge from you a while back, if you can remember that far.. 🙂 🙂 I’m slow but sure..
    Sounds really simple for great router guru’s like you (that was a compliment), but a struggle for me doing it part time.. You should have heard the “Woo-Hoo”… 🙂 🙂

  7. Greg / Mar 2 2011

    I love me some winbox…I have no knowledge of what you speak…hehe

    PIM-Dense would make Multicast soooo much easier. Less efficient, yes, but easier 😉

    Openvpn support is being dropped.

    Congrats on the OSPF/IPIP/IPSec/PIM…hehehe…that’s a frickin mouthful!

  8. Bobby / Mar 3 2011

    OpenVPN support is seriously being dropped?

  9. Greg / Mar 3 2011

    I’ve heard it several times, but I can’t find any written documentation where they are coming right out and saying it.

  10. Brent / Mar 28 2011

    Awesome, good geeky joke. I like it.

  11. Brandon / Jul 5 2011

    The best thing about UDP jokes is i don’t care if you get it or not.

  12. Greg / Jul 5 2011

    That was terrible…nicely done sir…hehehe

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