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Mar 3 / Greg

Update Vmware ESXI4.1

To run updates on your ESXI4.1 server you no longer get the nice little GUI. You now have to do your updates via the CLI. You can see the link here on how to do it or use the below syntax:

# esxupdate -b cross_oem-vmware-esx-drivers-net-vxge_400. -b cross_oem-vmware-esx-drivers-scsi-3w-9xxx_400. -b vmware-esx-firmware-4.1.0-1.4.348481.i386.vib -b vmware-esx-tools-light-4.1.0-1.4.348481.i386.vib update


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  1. Justin Wilson / Mar 3 2011

    And why did they do that?

  2. Greg / Mar 3 2011

    They rolled the GUI update into the pay version 🙂 Why else?

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