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Feb 9 / Greg

Remote Relays

I’ve always loved working with 12V and I’ve used some remote control 12V stuff in the past. Here’s a couple of cool relays…that are pretty cheap.

Two remotes for 1 relay, $16.95.

1 remote, 4 relays $26.99.

1 remote, 4 relays momentary action $23.67.

GSM activated 7 relays $145.99.

You send an SMS message and it reboots devices. You should be able to get a prepaid SIM card and rock this for $20 a year.

12 relays/8 analog inputs/8 digital inputs – web controlled $132. has crazy prices on cool products. All of their web controlled devices have analog/digital inputs as well as snmp control.

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  1. reges / Feb 11 2011

    for remote control via web you can build it self with Arduino Ethernet Shield

    sample code for Remote Control Arduino Ethernet via web page

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