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Jan 19 / Greg

Reset UC500 To Factory Defaults

I found this nice little link that gives you the run down.

It is fairly easy to get back to the default configuration…

1. Get into IOS command line mode.
2. Go to ‘enable’ mode(default password is ‘cisco’).
3. Type in ‘show flash:’
Page down toward the bottom of the list.
One of the last file names will look something like … UC520-8U-4FXO-K9-FACTORY…yada…yada….
That is the factory default configuration…never copy TO this file!!
4. Type in ‘copy flash:(default config file name) startup
That will copy your default config file TO the startup-file in NVRAM.
5. Once that is complete and ok…power off and power on the UC520.
You will back to the default….

If you would like to reset CUE(voicemail) to factory defaults…here is the procedure. This should probably be done before the IOS factory reset…

To Reset CUE

Step 1: Session into CUE using the command service-module Integrated-Service-Engine 0/0 session. (Hit ‘enter’ twice to get a prompt).

Step 2: Type ‘offline’ to go into the offline mode.

Step 3: Type in ‘y’ when you are prompted with ‘Are you sure you want to go offline[n]?’

Step 4: Type in ‘restore factory default’

Step 5: Type in ‘y’ when you are prompted with ‘Do you wish to continue[n]?’

Step 6: Press the Enter key when prompted to ‘Press any key to reload:’

This reset can take 5-10 minutes. Wait until the CUE message ‘SYSTEM ONLINE’ is displayed before proceeding.

Step 7: Exit the CUE by typing ‘exit’.

Good Luck,


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