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Dec 30 / Greg

Power Requirements For Cisco Aironet

You can see the chart here.

I have 3 6500 chassis full of PoE blades(WS-X6348-RJ-45). All of them are slightly older and supply only prestandard power. The cards are only able to supply 7 watts max per port, which means you can basically power phones and light APs. I found that my aironet 1200s weren’t staying powered up. I kept getting:

“009267: *Dec 29 16:02:31.576 CST: %ILPOWER-5-ILPOWER_POWER_DENY: Interface Fa9/29: inline power denied”

This error translates to “You are asking for too much power.”

Turns out I had the optional black stripe panel antenna installed which pushed the power consumption just above the 7 watt max. I pulled those dudes out and everything is now A-OK.

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