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Nov 17 / Greg

A Hole In The Wall

What happens with the air conditioner falls out of the wall in an IDF? Lets also say that the AC has been missing for a year and the sprinkler system sits next to the hole.

I'm thinking this could have been part of the connectivity issues...


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  1. Bobby / Nov 17 2010

    Pretty wild assumption as far as I’m concerned.
    Did some work at a mildew stricken motel a few months ago and the ends and jacks were all kinds of shades of green and brown without any copper to be seen. Strangely enough, they were having issues too.

  2. Tim / Nov 17 2010

    Nice green non-conductive coating… Yuck..

  3. Greg / Nov 17 2010


    Let’s just hope that was mildew…I assume it was a no tell hotel 😉

  4. Justin Wilson / Nov 17 2010

    At least the connector did not melt. Seen that happen.

  5. Brent / Nov 18 2010

    Awesome you don’t see that everyday, good stuff.

  6. PDown / Dec 1 2010

    looks like a typical chicken plant RJ-45 cat5e termination… without the chicken fat of course

  7. Greg / Dec 1 2010


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