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Oct 1 / Greg

MUM Phoenix – Update1

I’m at the MUM! I’ve had my head down because I’ve been taking train the trainers…which I passed, BTW 😉

I’ve made a lot of new friends, and finally met some in person. JJ, it’s been a real pleasure and thanks for bringing Sam…he is like a cross of Mr. Wizard, a hippie and my personal hero MacGyver. I’m also told he loves tape…perhaps an unhealthy love of it.

Rick and Jason, you guys are pretty alright and it was a lot of fun meeting you.

I actually got a chance to get to know Janis, and I think I’ve made a pretty good friend 😉

I got a chance to talk to Sergejs for just a little while, and he’s a pretty cool kid! Hopefully I’ll be able to keep in touch with him too!

To all of you guys that I didn’t mention here, it was a REAL pleasure to meet you. Anyone who shook my hand and said they have read my blog and also didn’t say that it sucks, thanks…hehehe

I’ll compile my notes and post soon…though here are a few teasers.

493GAH was announced…looks just like the standard 493 only with all gigabit ports.


RoS V5:

  • Added TOP command. You can now see what processes are taking up your CPU!
  • GRE Tunnel support. I saw this just before it was announced. I’ve also asked how it is working and they say that it is working pretty well and once the full release of 5 is out it should be solid.
  • SSTP – VPN built into Windows 7
  • IPSec FQDN – Allows you to enter a DNS name in your IPSec peer statements instead of having to use IP addresses. This means we don’t have to have scripts that update our peer/policy entries when using dynamic IPs.
  • IPv6 PPPoE and SSH improvements…I think they did this just to shut Andrew up
  • There’s supposed to be some SNMP bug fixes
  • Flashfig – This is a new utility that is supposed to be able to push configs to multiple routers at a high rate! I’ll be demoing this here pretty soon.
  • Running kernel V2.6.35 now which includes some new drivers
  • That should be enough for you kids right now…:) Check back soon for updates.

    BTW, thanks to JJ for these terrible pictures 😛


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    1. Omega-00 / Oct 2 2010


      The flashfig sounds like a great option for those setting up wireless mesh networks or bulk CPE’s, awaiting with baited breath 🙂

      Thanks for the updates!

    2. Roscoe Williams / Oct 2 2010

      Congratulation on your MikroTik Certification.

    3. Justin Wilson / Oct 4 2010

      Pretty decent show. Your presentation was informative and a good one.

    4. Greg / Oct 5 2010

      Thanks dude! It was nice to meet you, I just wished I had more than 5 minutes to talk to you…hopefully we can catch up soon.

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