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Jul 14 / Greg

Terrible Network Puns

So, my good friend Rob was inspired by a line from my last article “Go forth an route”. He came up with several puns of nightmarish perportions…I wanted to share them:

“May all your packets arrive at their destination”
Not too bad:)

“ACK’s not what your router can do for you….”
Waaa waaaa waaaaahhhhhh

“All your SYN’s are forgiven”
I think a clown somewhere just died for that pun.

hehehehehe…Rob, I LOVE these…even though I died a little on the inside from reading them. You guys care to add your worst puns? No pressure Jimmy…hehehe


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  1. omega-00 / Jul 14 2010

    Hehe, we have a bunch of terrible networking jokes here at “Doomhouse”.

    Some of them are completely nonsensical, others require a basic understanding of networks, some are taken from things clients have asked us.

    “Can you ping me a /24 of MPLS please”
    “I’d like to buy a dynamic gateway of FNN’s”

    Reoccurring misspeak when referring to non-computerised objects: “..on its default settings.”

    “Do I have to ACK(ask) you again?”

    In response to “I can’t find my X”: “Have you tried pinging it?”

    Whenever non-electrical devices are broken: “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”


  2. Rob / Jul 15 2010

    All I can say is… started it! 😉

  3. Jimmy / Jul 16 2010

    I got into networking because my doctor told me I needed more fiber.

  4. Greg / Jul 16 2010

    Soooo disgusting…thanks for that Jimmy.

  5. Ricky / Jul 20 2010

    That is NAT how you route something!

  6. Greg / Jul 20 2010

    Ugh…so terrible…hehehe

  7. Gary / Jul 21 2010

    Saw this one on a wifi forum

    Q. Whats a mikrotik?
    A. Smaller than a regular tik, but bigger than a nano-tik?

  8. Greg / Jul 21 2010

    Delightfully disgusting Gary, thanks for your addition 😉

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