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Jun 21 / Greg

WISP Billing, CRM and Trouble Ticket System – FreeSide

FreeSide homepage

I stumbled upon this just a couple days ago, but I’m going to start looking at integrating a system. If I get something working I’ll be sure to get it out there and available for you guys 🙂

These are the key features as described by them:

  • Flexible pricing and rating plans including anniversary billing, pro-rating, usage based billing and more. Plug-in system allows easy addition of new pricing plans.
  • VoIP rating and billing, including DID inventory, rate plans, free minutes, caps, and 800# billing.
  • Real-time credit card and electronic check processing with all major processing gateways. Email, fax, printed and online invoicing.

  • Complete, integrated trouble ticketing system included, based on Request Tracker from Best Practical Solutions
  • Auto-responds to customer email, assigns a ticket number and allows your staff to track requests collaboratively
  • Multiple queues, custom fields, templates, ticket associations, templates, customizable workflow, and more.

  • Online signup page with immediate credit card authorization and provisioning.
  • Customer self-care including invoice viewing, one-time and recurring payments, adding and removing services, and password changes.
  • Simple API available to write your own self-service pages or applications.

  • Unlimited resellers with branded invoices, individual pricing and payment gateways.
  • Virtualized reseller access allows resellers access to only their own customers.
  • Flexible, fine-grained access control
  • They have a demo page that shows some of their pages. On the demo page they also have a vmware appliance you can download and see how the system works.

    As with most open source software, it’s not the prettiest, though it seems extremely configurable. The fact that it ties ticketing in with provisioning and automated billing is terrific!

    If you guys use freeside or any other system, let me know!


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    1. Ricky / Jun 21 2010

      I agree it does not look pretty. Reminds me of the old pages in 1998 back when the web was young. No CSS or images. 🙁

      I will like to know if you do make it work to check it out. Never know when you need one of these. Call it a WCMS (Wisp Customer Management System) Acronyms make the world a better place.

    2. Greg / Jun 21 2010

      Hehehe, where would we be without LOL and WTF?

    3. Rob / Jun 22 2010

      We looked at jBilling awhile back and it was pretty nice but java is not one of my strong points: Another one I ran across but haven’t looked at: Might give you a couple more options to look into. 🙂

      Nuther option you might like for billing/ticketing: We were looking for something like these awhile back and never did anything with them other than a lil net scouting. Anywho….here are a couple of others that I dug up from old emails:

    4. Greg / Jun 22 2010


      Thanks dude!

    5. Omegatron / Mar 17 2011

      It’s terrible.
      Just FYI.
      Helping a company who was using it who I’m migrating across to our system.

      It makes me want to punch small children and replace my eyeballs with ESC keys.

    6. Greg / Mar 18 2011

      I can almost see you punching kids…I hear that about you Australians 😉

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