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Jun 10 / Greg

IPv6 Authentication for Hotspots

My boy Andrew from down under has some crazy kung-fu whipped together to get your IPv6 clients running with hotspot.

Here’s his Forum post and here’s his personal blog post.

Keep knocking them outta the park mate…crikey, wallabies, boomerangs and whatever else you guys say down there 😛 hehehe


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  1. J.J. / Jun 10 2010

    A new mikrotik blog to add to my collection! Thanks greg. I think I might just need to start myself one of these bloggitys per your suggestion.

  2. omega-00 / Jun 10 2010

    As we here in upside down land would say: “Grouse Yarn Cobber.”

    My very own post on the famous Greg ‘The Green-spotted Cable-Monkey’ Sowell’s blog! I’m humbled and most thankful ^_^

  3. Greg / Jun 11 2010

    Andrew you are rediculous…I think you made that saying up so I will look a fool while trying to use it in casual conversation…Which I intend to do. I’ll just act like I know what I’m doing and they will go along with it.

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