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Jun 2 / Greg

Adding A Door To A Softwarehouse Access Control System

There are many access control systems out there. By access control I mean a system to control physical security into and out of a building. Each has it’s strengths and weaknesses. I’m in favor of the newer systems that are server based on the back end. These guys seem to be more flexible and are generally more open. This article covers adding a door to a Softwarehouse system.

If you are a regular Joe Schmoe wanting to add a door to the system, you will pretty much be out of luck, because there is zero documentation on it. I put some together a while back and decided to share.

These diagrams should be easy enough for just about anyone to follow!

Door Side

Panel Side

Download the PDF version here: Access Control Diagrams (2006 downloads) .

The only potentially confusing part would be the 1K resistors. The rex(request to exit) and door contact use 1K resistors so that the system has a closed circuit. This informs the system that the sensor is still connected and working. They are simply looking for a change in voltage. As you can see the resistors are wired in parallel and when voltage is supplied to both resistors, it will divide the resistance.

I also made a video on adding the doors to the system, but since it has proprietary information in it, I can’t release it into the wild. If you happen to have a system that you don’t mind having portions of exposed to the internet, I can make a video based off of yours and put it up for everyone.

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  1. J.J. / Jun 4 2010

    Looks like fun! 🙂 I wanna play!

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