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Mar 1 / Greg

RB1100 Details…A Few Anyway

As you know it is 13 port gig that shares the same processor as the RB800. It is supposed to have equivalent processing power as the RB1000, though. This guy has the two 5 port switching asics built in, so the switching backplane is split…which sucks. There are no SFP ports…I would have traded 5 gig ports and switching ASIC for a couple of SFP ports.

This guy can also be powered via a PoE port.

They also put venting in the front. I believe this guy is fanless, so it will use convection to displace the heat, which I like.

Looks like this guy will be coming in at around $499, which means Baltic will probably have it for like $460, but who knows 😉 I would rather have seen them charge $1000 and give us some real beef (multi cores, SFP ports, line rate on all gig ports).

I also read that the new switch introduced is only 5 ports. No news on the possible price.

What would you guys liked to have seen?


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  1. omega-00 / Mar 2 2010

    The perfect mikrotik for our work would have:
    – 1 ADSL2+ port (for redundant links)
    – 1 SFP Slot (for fibre modules)
    – Beefier processor.. something beyond what the RB1000 can do.

  2. Shane Duffy / Mar 2 2010

    The 5 port switch is a bit of a let down, in fact a lot of a let down. I might aswell just buy the 750G and use it like a switch if needed.

    12 ports Minimum for the switch would have be expected and if like the RB1100 the switching back-plane is split into 5 port chunks and not line rate its just like any other cheap and nasty un managed switch.

  3. Greg / Mar 2 2010

    Ahhhh, such is life Shane. I’m wondering how much it would cost to produce a true 12 or 24 port switch? The 1100 is something of a 12 port switch, though not really with the split backplane…more of two five port switches…I keep going in circles on this…heh.

  4. nz_monkey / Mar 14 2010

    – SMP PPC Processor
    – More professional looking case design
    – Better port layout
    – Modular interfaces ala Juniper PIM’s/Cisco WIC’s
    – SFP module

  5. roc-noc / May 23 2010

    It came in at $399, with an 800MHz CPU just like the RB/800. The case is a well done professional design. There are two fans on the back and a shroud around the CPU heatsink.

    While I totally agree with you on the SFP, that is for another product at a later date. We need something with at least two or three times more CPU power.

    Mikrotik has been shipping limited quantities of the RB1100 to their distributors so don’t expect to see price cuts until the supply line is full.


  6. Greg / May 23 2010


    Thanks for the update!

    +1 on the CPU increase! I can buy a solid state machine dual core at about 3Ghz for $250…why can’t they take a similar design and stick some NICs on?

    So this is the 493 killer?

    To all those who don’t know Tom runs, another great MTK distributor. Thanks again for the update Tom!

  7. Eva / Jun 28 2010

    We are on our 3rd round of Routerboards RB/1100 from MikroTik already. The product is in stock and ships the same day, and plenty of it. Due to a large supply, we cut the price down by $20 per unit. Anybody in a need of a RouterBoard 1100 is invited to our website at or contact our sales line at US +630.605.7980

  8. Greg / Jun 29 2010


    Thanks for popping in lady! Even if it is for a shameless plug…hehehehe 😛

  9. Diddy / Feb 28 2011

    Hi everybody,
    i bought a Mikrotik RB1100 after i made the first config, i can remember the Password anymore (i know i must be an Idiot).
    can someone post me howto reset the RB1100 Box? if possible i don’t wanna lost my config, is there a method to do this?

    any Help will be appreciated.


  10. Greg / Feb 28 2011

    There is no password recovery procedure. You have to just reset to factory default. Sorry. You might take a look at my automated backup program.

  11. Diddy / Feb 28 2011

    HI Greg
    Thanks for your Support.
    Your Automated backup Program, make a backup of the configuration or what?
    can you please advise me how to reset my RB1100.
    it is not a big Problem if i lost my Config.

    Thank you

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