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Feb 25 / Greg

My Thumb Drive 4

More stuff on my drive.

Sequoia view – This is an extremely useful tool when you have a full hard drive.  What it does is crawl a drive and show how each folder is utilized in an interesting visual way.  It uses colored squares.  Each color represents a different file type.  The size of the square represents how large the file is.  It helps you to QUICKLY and easily find space hogs and delete them.  This has found use on the C drive of many an exchange server.

Restoration – Another one of your standard undelete programs.

Colasoft Packet Builder – You can use this guy to craft packets and send them at varying intervals on your network.  This is great for all sorts of testing.

Colasoft Packet Player – This is another cool prog.  You can replay packets captured from wireshark back into your network.

srvany/instsrv – These two programs were put out on a M$ resource kit cd.  You can google for them and find a download.  What these do is allow you to run any executable program as a service.  I’ve run many a program in this fashion.  This is for the MacGyver in all of us.

Cain & Able – Many virus scanners will pick this up, though it is clean.  The able prog can be used to exploit machines, and I never personally use it.  Cain on the other hand is very useful.  You can use Cain to decrypt many password types easily.


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  1. Greg / Mar 27 2009

    From Jacob:

    Greg have you tried the app called Ping Plotter? Not that spectacular really, but a simple free sop that you can run to document ICMP to a device. Graphs are exportable so you can communicate your efforts in a somewhat refined manner versus command prompt. Includes ping latency loss and tracert.

    I believe its st

  2. Greg / Mar 27 2009


    I have seen and briefly used ping plotter. It does a decent job, the only downside is that it isn’t free. There are so many great free tools out there, that it is hard to justify paying for one that has such a narrow focus.


  3. Greg / Mar 8 2010


    Thanks for the additions sir!

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