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May 26 / Greg

Mikrotik OS v3.24

Change log can be found HERE.

Thanks to Normunds I was actually able to get a peek at this OS a little early. This was in direct response to my RB450G testing. They fixed a lot of BGP issues with this new release. I’ll post my full results of the retest in the next couple of days. They also fixed METArouter =)


*) added ability to run non RouterOS in MetaROUTER;
I mentioned this last week in the newsletter. To gain more info hit the metarouter wiki page.

*) console – ‘print’ commands have new option ‘follow-only’ that continuously
shows changes like the ‘follow’ option, but does not print all items
at the beginning;
Sounds like a live tail…which is pretty cool.

*) routing-test – speed up BGP route processing;
Indeed they have sped it up.


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  1. Jimmy / May 26 2009

    If they would just fix /export via the API I would be a happy camper. /system/export crashes the router currently.

  2. Greg / May 26 2009

    I believe this would be your classic case of having cake and wanting to eat it….but why would you want cake if not to eat it?

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